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The Vallée des Singes

General Information

Allow Children? Yes children are allowed

Allow Smoking? We are sorry smoking is not allowed

Allow pets? We are sorry pets are not allowed

Is there Parking? Yes there is customer parking

Are there Handicap Facilities? Yes there are Handicap Facilities

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33 (0)5 49 87 20 20

Name of Attraction = LA VALLÉE DES SINGES

Type of Attraction = Animal Park

Directions = La Vallée des Singes is signposted in and around the commune of Romagne (Postcode 86700)

Summary = “The Valley of Monkeys” is a great day out for children and adults alike, just 10 minutes from Moulin de la Cueille. It's a unique ecological wildlife park of 22 hectares dedicated to its 450 various types of primates, including gorillas, bonobos and chimpanzees, some of whom have arrived from laboratories, and who now live on their own lush green and wooded island. From across the water you can study the animals in a more natural environment, no bars and cages. Working in conjunction with the Primate Conservancy, the park is committed to safeguarding species under threat of extinction, through working with local people from their country of origin and attempting to halt the forest destruction to retain their natural habitat.


Booking Information

Opening Time = 10.00 am

Closing Time = 5.00 - 7.00pm depending on season

Adult Price = 20.50 € (family ticket available)

Children Price = 14.00 €

OAP Price =

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