The Primates Run 2022

Jun 18, 2022 16:43

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What is there to see in Poitiers?

Jun 1, 2022 10:07

Poitiers, history, medieval, romans, barbares, museum, church, hotel fume, ecological, trees and shrubs, urban forest, River Clain, Moulin de la Cueille.

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The Edible Dormouse

Sep 27, 2021 22:17

The Loir visits Moulin de la Cueille

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Helping to improve the local area - A National Scheme

Aug 11, 2021 03:43

volunteers was consigned to work on La Cueille

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Bordeaux vineyards to fields of grain and vegetables in Vienne

Aug 2, 2021 19:22

Moving from Bordeaux to Vienne

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